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Bus Tours

The bus tour The Cathedral Ring familiarizes you with masterpieces of architectural and art heritage of the Russian Orthodox Church. Those visiting St Petersburg for the first time can admire its austere beauty, water expanses, granite-faced embankments, bridges, palaces and parks and, above all, its churches.
The bus tour includes visits to the four cathedrals:
– St Isaac’s (including the climb to the colonnaded walkway)
– St Sampson`s Cathedral
– The Smolny Cathedral
– The Church of the Resurrection of Christ (the Savior on Blood).

The tour lasts 4,5 hours.


Tour tickets can be purchased at ticket office #1 at the St Isaac museum or any of the theater box offices in the city.
For more information, call: + 7(921) 880 13 37; +7(812) 577 14 41.


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