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In 2009 a society of the Friends of St Isaac’s Cathedral was established that involved prominent figures in the area of culture and politics in St Petersburg.
The aim of the program is to draw public attention to the internal operation and activities of the four unique cathedrals and to encourage discussion of their preservation and restoration projects.
On January 26, 2009, a first meeting of the Friends of St Isaac’s Cathedral took place. This event became a starting point for an important body of one of the city’s leading museums. Today, the museum is headed by a wonderful person, People’s artist of Russia, Nikolay Vitalievich Burov.
On February 12, 2010, the friends of the museum gathered for another meeting in a friendly and warm atmosphere to discuss plans and just to socialize.
As part of the meeting, a unique concert was given in the Church of the Resurrections. The legendary singer Irina Petrovna Bogacheva, People’s artist of USSR, performed with the Choir led by V. Begletsov. This unique concert has become one of the performance highlights in the St Petersburg cultural scene.
The members of the Supervisory board received awards for contributions they made in preserving the cultural heritage. Alexey Loginov, the Sberbank chairman, was awarded for the restoration of angels. Sberbank has recently allocated funds to restore Angels with a candlestick.
We are happy to see the membership of the museum friends growing, which demonstrates that the Museum leads a meaningful and interesting life.
We are meeting in spring again, this time in St Isaac’s Cathedral. We think it important for our guests each time to open a new chapter in the history of the four cathedrals.

24-25 мая 2010 г.