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Savior on the Spilled Blood
Historical Background

The Church of the Resurrection of Christ (The Savior on Blood) was erected on the site where Emperor Alexander II was mortally wounded.

Alexander II the Liberator was one of the most prominent statesmen of his time, whose social, military and economic reforms turned Russia into a truly great power.



The executive committee of “People’s Will”, a revolutionary organization that aimed to overthrow the monarchy, declared a death sentence on the emperor. A few assassination attempts were made on his life, the last of which proved to be a fatal one.

On Sunday, March 1, 1881, Alexander II was mortally wounded by a bomb thrown by the revolutionary Ignaty Grinevitsky.


On March 2, the deputies of the State Duma petitioned to Alexander III to commemorate the event by installing a monument or a chapel on the site where he was killed.


The Emperor approved the proposal, but wished the assassination site be marked with a church instead of a chapel.