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Bell Tower

The bell tower was also designed by an unknown architect. It represents a three-tier structure, rectangular in plan, with an octagonal tented roof topped with an onion dome. The bottom tier has an arched entryway and two wing buildings annexed to it on either side. On the platform of the third tier is an 18th century iron bell.


The bell tower facades are decorated with iron plaques dating from 1909. They bear speeches made by Peter I on the day of the Poltava battle. The inscription on one of the slabs (on the south wall) is the tsar’s order issued by Peter I to the Russian warriors on the eve of the Poltava battle on June 26. The second one records Peter I’ s address to military leaders after the battle and the third one is engraved with Peter I’s address to those who died, as well as a reproduced inscription from the mass grave of Poltava battle heroes.