The State Museum St Isaac’s Cathedral –
The Museum Complex

The Museum has been holding annual scientific conferences since 2005. The suggested topics for discussion are as follows:

    • the significance of the revived memorial churches in the national culture and history;
    • the role that museum churches play in the modern society and their museum use;
    • history and characteristic decorative features of religious museums;
    • specifics of guide tours and methodology in religious museums;
    • specifics of exhibition and display work in religious monuments;
    • restoring architectural monuments: restoration of collections and elements of the decor in religious monuments of architecture and art;
    • research methods, design services and engineering in restoring religious monuments of architecture and art.

The Museum invites to participate in the conference Russian museum staff, scholars, instructors and students of the leading St Petersburg universities, representatives of restoration firms that assist in and carry out restoration projects.

Conferences are scheduled on December 4 to coincide with the feast of the Entry of the Most Holy Virgin into the Temple.