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St Isaac’s Cathedral
Themed Tours


The Decoration of St Isaac’s Cathedral (with special lighting)

This tour is an introduction to St Isaac’s interior decor that represents a synthesis of various forms of decorative and monumental art. The special lighting design provides a unique opportunity to see the interior decoration as a unified whole, in which each decorative element is related to the architecture to produce a coherent ensemble.

The Sculpture of St Isaac’s Cathedral

The tour highlights St Isaac’s unique collection of monumental and decorative sculpture, including both interior and exterior sculptures. It also familiarizes visitors with the subjects of reliefs.


Biblical stories in the painting of St Isaac’s Cathedral

The Cathedral features over 150 paintings, making it impossible to explore in depth even major artworks during one visit. Therefore, we offer two different tours, each lasting 45 minutes.
The first of the tours focuses on the history of the painting in St Isaac’s and the role painting plays in the interior of an Orthodox church. Also covered here are the Old Testament paintings.

The second tour is devoted to the New Testament paintings and canonical traditions.




In Memory of…


The memorial display in the basement of St Isaac’s describes the heroic acts of the museum staff during the siege of Leningrad.

Themed tours are available for groups by arrangement.
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