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Cultural and education program From Museum to School

The distinctive feature about this program is that it was jointly developed in close collaboration by the museum staff, the Research Institute of General Education at the Herzen Pedagogical University and some St Petersburg schools.


The cultural and education program From Museum to School comprises a set of museum and educational activities aimed to promote the students’ appreciation for cultural artifacts contained in the cathedrals of the State Museum St Isaac’s Cathedral in order to expand their knowledge and awareness of Russia’s culture, its traditions and accomplishments.



The Program is implemented in the following areas:


1. Incorporating knowledge of cultural exhibits available in the cathedrals into school syllabuses through school subjects and areas of education.
To realize that goal, the experts of the Research Institute of General Education at the Herzen Pedagogical University developed and issued a set of educational and training materials for a variety of subject teachers in such areas as physics, mathematics, Russian and speech development, literature, world’s culture, history, foreign languages and arts.


2. Familiarizing school students with cultural artifacts directly in the cathedrals.
The school department staff (museum educators) run a series of themed tours, five in all, throughout the academic year:
- «Introduction to an Orthodox Church (four parts)
- «Orthodox feasts and icons in the festal tier of an iconostasis (six parts)
- «From century to century (eight parts)
- «Under the vaults of St Isaac’s (five parts)
- «Orthodox feasts in the painting and sculpture at St Isaac’s Cathedral (five parts).
Classes are designed to cover all age groups and are conducted in all of the four cathedrals in an interactive form.


3. Developing creative abilities of school students in the museum educational process.
a) fulfilling creative tasks by school students related to the subject matter of a visit
b) preparing and implementing final events by school students and teachers (exhibitions, intellectual tournaments, contests)..

Final events are conducted upon completion of an academic year in the Smolny Cathedral concert and exhibition hall.

The Program From Museum to School has proved its relevance in schools, as evidenced by its high demand.

In 2010–2011 the program comprehended 13 of 18 St Petersburg districts, including 23 schools, 62 groups, over-all number of 1496 school students.

The 2010–2011 academic year was concluded with the intellectual competition «Russia in second half 19-th century. The age of changes».

In 2008-09 the program served 1163 school students from 23 educational establishments of St Petersburg.

The 2008-09 academic year concluded with the intellectual contest “The Poltava Battle: A View through a century ago” to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the battle.