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St Isaac’s Cathedral
The exterior sculpture


 The cathedral is adorned with sculptures of angels located on the outer diameter of the attic, angels with lanterns, evangelists and apostles on the portico pediments. The balustrade of the main dome features 24 sculptures of angels and archangels (sculptor I. German). On the pediments of the porticos there are high reliefs depicting “Resurrection of Christ”, “St.Isaac the Dalmatian Meeting Emperor Valent” by F. Lemer, and” The Adoration of the Magi” and” St Isaac Blessing Emperor Feodosiy” by I. Vitaly.


They were cast in bronze at the Berd factory. A set of three or four figures was made in one casting. To avoid the shifting of the huge figures, they were enclosed in reinforcing wires held together with numerous dowels. This allowed to not base the figures on the cornice, and avoided the damage to the marble facing of the walls.



The niches of the north and south porticoes are filled with the statues of “The Christ Carrying the Cross”, “The Lamentation”, “The Massacre of the Innocent” and “The Angel Appearing to the Shepherds” by P. Klodt and A. Loganovsky.


The exterior of the great doors was designed by I. Vitaly. Particularly noteworthy are the western doors depicting the scenes of “The Sermon on the Mount”, ”The Raising of Lazarus” and “The Healing of the weak”.