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Jubilee of Auguste Montferrand


In 2011 the 225-th anniversary of Auguste Ricard de Montferrand will be celebrated.
Within the jubilee year the St Isaac’s Cathedral State Museum deems it duty to eternalize the memory of the Cathedral’s creator and to install the memorial plaque on the house where the architect lived during 20 years and died soon after the consecration of St Isaac’s Cathedral.
The MARKA Federal Enterprise will issue the artistic envelope in commemoration of the great architect.
In 1820–1840-th A.Montferrand published several albums of his etched pictures. This unique albums, that had never been reissued, will be presented by the series of multimedia exhibition projects.
The big cyclus of exhibitions and scientific actions has been prepared by the museum for the jubilee year. The aim of this cyclus is to present most entirely the creative work of the great architect, and to show the significance of information and cultural interchange between different countries.
The first action will take place in St Isaac’s Cathedral on January, 26. The 4-th Historical Readings will be dedicated to the works by A.Montferrand and European specialists of his circle.
In June the memorial exhibition is scheduled to be open together with our traditional partners. By that time the scientific digest will be issued based on mutual Russian and French research works.
In September the exhibition of photographic art will be open in the Cordelier Chapel exhibition hall in Clermont-Ferrand.
The Chamber Choir of Smolny Cathedral will give a series of concerts in Puy-de-Dome in France in autumn.
The jubilee year will be finished by the 7-th Scientific Conference dedicated to the 225- anniversary of A.Montferrand.