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Tribute to El Greco. Sculptured paintings by Nikos Floros. Greece


The sculptor Nikos Floros, a proud Hellene, commemorates the 400-year anniversary of the death of another Hellene, Domenikos Theotokopoulos (El Greco) (Handakas 1549-Toledo 1614), with the creation of two original sculptured paintings utilizing the unique technique and material that Mr. Floros is recognized for throughout the world.
At age 22, El Greco, was already a “Master,” a well-recognized, sought-after and highly-commissioned artist. At 26, the painter, originally from Crete, Greece, travelled to Venice, Italy, and was welcomed by the great artist Titian in his studio. He continued on to Rome where he settled in 1577. At age 36, he travelled to Toledo, Spain where he remained and worked for the rest of his life. His most prolific and recognized period was during this period in Toledo, Spain. Incorporating and integrating the many inspirations and influences he acquired along the way, he created his own unique style based on his own internal meaning and rhythm. Theotokopoulos’ style is intentionally antinatural, his shapes are lanky, serious and rigid, gaining inspiration from the ascetics of Byzantine iconography. The elasticity of the anatomy of the shapes, his unique use of light (each piece seems to be self-illuminated), the spiral movements, the superlogical interpretations, underline the spiritual and imaginative character of his artwork.
Nikos Floros, a recognized sculptor who has received many awards and recognitions for his creative artwork, has created two works inspired by paintings of El Greco; Nikos Floros utilizes a very modern material, colored aluminum and with unusual creativity, produces original and exceptional works of art. The result is noteworthy and spectacular, exhibiting explosive dramatic density, expressiveness and radiance. With great respect, Mr. Floros interpreted the geometric stylization and colors of Theotokopoulos while utilizing his own unique style. In this way, a dialectic relationship develops between the creations of the artists as well as the artworks themselves and the public.   The sculptor created two incomparably beautiful mosaics of monumental proportions made out of more than 10,000 aluminum pieces. Maintaining the otherworldly, transcendent and mysterious character of the works of El Greco, while achieving the feel of a painting.
Utilizing a unique technique created by Mr. Floros, he uses tiny mosaics of colored recycled aluminum to reinterpret two works of Domeniko Theotokopoulos, “The Disrobing of Christ” and “The Resurrection of Christ”.   Mr. Floros transforms a common everyday material such as aluminum, which characterizes our modern life, into something surpassing our imagination.
The artwork of Nikos Floros has been exhibited around the world including The National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, D.C., USA; Hofburg Palace, Vienna, Austria; Whitney Museum of American Art, NY: Metropolitan Club, NY, NY; Archeological Museum, Thessaloniki, Greece; Megaro Mela, National Bank of Greece, Athens, Greece; Palace of the Grand Master, Rhodes, Greece.   He has received awards for his contribution to the arts from Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute for his “Red Elizabeth”; First Prize by the French Heritage Society for Silver Elizabeth I;  the Golden Medal of Arts and Sciences from the Albert Schweitzer Foundation in Vienna, Austria and the Innovation Award presented by the Global Thinkers Forum in Athens, Greece. In addition, his artwork was included in the curriculum of the Brazilian Educational System.
Following the great success of his exhibitions in Russia under the auspices of the Department of Culture of Moscow Government and the Ministry of Culture of the Hellenic Republic, he received one more distinguished invitation, this time from the State Museum of St. Isaak in St. Petersburg, Russia and the Ministry of Culture of the Hellenic Republic, to present his two new unique creations in this imposing and distinctive Orthodox Church, the second largest in Russia. This invitation was not only a great honor for Mr. Floros but also a great challenge since the works created not only honor and commemorate the work of El Greco, they also invoke with great respect the image of Jesus Christ. This is the first time that such an exhibition by a Hellenic artist is hosted by this spectacular, historic, and one of the most important state museum and religious institution in Russia.
Marai Georgousi
Art Historian
Master I & II SORBONNE – Paris IV, Art History
Educated at the Louvre in Engraving and Art History
Doctorate in Art History
Member, Hellenic Organization of Art History