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The 70th anniversary of the Great Victory
The exhibition dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War will open in St Isaac’s cathedral on May, 7.
War time photos, letters from the front line, award certificates are witnesses of great and tragic events in the history of Russia, that have become the part of each family’s history. They save and render to new generations the sacred memory of the immortal heroic deed of the Homeland defenders.
The exhibition is based on the materials from the stock of St Isaac’s Cathedral State Museum and private archives of its employees. For the first time the unique materials are being exhibited, including personal files of the participants of 1941–1945 events. Photos, made in Sebastopol in the last peaceful summer, photos of the Leningraders, officer’s notebook, children’s New Year drawings, Greeting from the Front-Line post card, photo card subscripted As a token of the best friend, war reminiscences, etc.
Graphics by the M. B. Grekov Battle Artists Studio, issued to the fifth anniversary of the Victory, support times connection and memory continuity. On the battlefields of the Great Patriotic War there were representatives of rare profession – battle artists, who depicted images of the war in their sketches – battle act of bravery, combats, front line daily routine. In 2014 this unique creative group celebrated its 80th anniversary. 24 works of front line graphics from the museum stock are exhibited.
St Isaac’s Cathedral State Museum Administration thanks museum employees, who have given materials from their private files for the exhibition.
The exhibition is open daily but Wednesday, May, 7, to June, 2, 2015.