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Collection of scholarly papers "Kafedra"(cathedra)

The publication “The Cathedra of St Isaac’s Cathedral” was initiated by the church warden of St Isaac’s and infantry general E.V. Bogdanovich in 1879 and among its principal goals included “involving talented preachers in the discussion and interpretation of burning issues in the social and political life of Russia, and lively and easy-to-understand preaching of Christian teaching”, as well as through a wide and free distribution of printed materials make them accessible to all layers of the society in any distant part of Russia. Between 1879 and 1886 about 50 issues of “The Cathedra of St Isaac’s Cathedral” were published with the help of charity donations.

In 2005 the publishing of “The Cathedra” resumed and it now carries materials relating to scientific conferences that are held in the Museum.