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«Hereby I Order …»

The exhibition is dedicated to the 175-th anniversary of consecration of Resurrection Smolny Cathedral.
It is a joint project of St Isaac’s Cathedral State Museum, State Religion History Museum, and State Hermitage. Several museums, libraries, and archives of St Petersburg and Moscow also participate in the project.
The exhibition will depict the history of the Cathedral as the history of the people whose will, talent, and work has determined its destiny. Imperial decrees, portraits, documentary materials, architect’s drafts, fine and applied arts objects, architectural details, photos from museums, archives and libraries, will show the visitors the lost pages in history of one of the most beautiful temples of St Petersburg, from mid 18-th to late 19-th centuries. The history of the Cathedral is dramatic and unordinary. The nunnery was founded in 1748 due to the will of Empress Elizaveta Petrovna, who intended to retire to it in her old age. After Catherine II ascended the throne the nunnery was transformed into educational institution, F.B.Rastrelli was dismissed, and the unfinished cathedral remained closed within several decades. Almost a hundred years long construction of the Cathedral was completed due to the order of Nicholas I in 1835. In commemoration of his mother Empress Maria Feodorovna, the Emperor ordered to assign it a Cathedra of All Educational Institutions.
The exhibition is also intended to destroy the myth that Smolny Cathedral was never in action.
The exhibition will be open until December 15, 2010, every day except Wednesday, 11.00–19.00.