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Paintings by Dmitry Custanovitch


The personal exhibition of paintings by Dmitry Custanovitch opens December,18, at16:00 in Smolny Cathedral Concert Hall.
Dmitry Custanovitch has invented his own graphic language based on personal musical perception of surrounding world.
The exhibition presents over 40 canvases. For the first time the audience will see maestro’s new works dated 2010. Pictures from private collections will be presented as well.
Both art collectors and mere amateurs purchase pictures by D.Custanovitch. Rousing a lot of discussions, he is nevertheless loved and recognized by the public.
Exhibition opening ceremony will be accompanied by piano compositions played by Alexander Custanovitch, the awardee of international and home-base competitions, the son of the artist.
December, 17, 2010 – February, 15, 2011, daily but Wednesday, 11:00 – 19:00 (booking office is closed at 18:00).
Smolny Cathedral Concert Hall, 1, Rastrelly Square,   St Petersburg, Russia.
+7 812 577 14 21