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Auguste Montferrand. Non Omnis Moriar ...


On the 225-th anniversary of the architect
The jubilee exhibition presumes the review of life and creative work of the architect. However, we sought to concentrate the attention on what the architect himself wanted to say. Taking care of the fame of his works, A.Montferrand has published four albums that laid the foundation for the memorial exhibition in St. Isaac’s Cathedral.
St Isaac’s Cathedral is the largest and the most important masterpiece of the architect, which turned the work of all his life. In his creative work, A.Montferrand strove for introduction of novelties in architectural projecting and building technologies.
Today the exhibition shows the creative work of the great architect not only by means of traditional collection of exhibits, but due to the up-to-date information technologies, by means of digital resources, which makes it possible to show genuine albums with their superb graphics in their entirety, and to carefully join the small exhibition with the space of the architectural monument, museum, and the church.
Documents, drafts, and sketches for medals dedicated to his works, carry the signs of A.Montferrand’s artistic manner.
Aimed to achieve success and fame in Russia, A.Montferrand put the line from Horatio’s ode Non omnis moriar as an epigraph to his early album. This line gave the title to the exhibition.
The exhibits were kindly given by:
The State Hermitage Museum
The Russian Academy of Fine Arts Museum
The Russian Academy of Fine Arts Library
The History of St Petersburg State Museum
The National Library of Russia