4 Apr 2020
The admission of visitors is put on hold April 6th to April 30th due to 2019-nCoV countercheck.
1 Apr 2020
The admission of private persons is put on hold March 28th to April 5th.
27 Mar 2020
Restoration works in St Isaac’s Cathedral are going on.   Sorry, your browser doesn't support embedded videos.
26 Mar 2020
Utility systems of Savior on the Spilled Blood are being reconstructed. Your browser doesn't support v...
26 Mar 2020
Online concerts will be hold in April in St Isaac's Cathedral State Museum.
25 Mar 2020
Online concert March 18th   Online concert March 25th 
24 Mar 2020
Телеканал «Россия Культура» рассказывает о новой выставке, недавно открывшейся в часовне-музее Спаса на Крови. Посетители смогут увидеть ее после окончания карантина.    ...